Hosokawa Yoko’s policy on CSR

Our concrete action guideline for the realization of our corporate vision envisions the company’s becoming one trusted by society.

1.Our responsibility towards our customers

  • There are a great many customers in the world, customers to whom we directly deliver our products, the general consumers who put our products into their hands, members of the medical profession and patients, and their families and all concerned.
  • It is our business and we are in duty bound to manufacture and deliver packages enveloping with due care superior food and medical products, having our customers and their situation in mind.
  • It is imperative that the packages we make show in an easy to understand and beautiful manner the superior properties of the products they are wrapped in and that they be of a long-lasting quality that makes them easy to handle for users, safely and securely.
  • It is imperative that we deliver our packages in a speedy and thoughtful manner by holding our stock-purchasing and manufacturing costs and selling prices at an appropriate level, based on the relations of mutual trust we have with our business partners so as to enable the supply chain for food and medical products to be sustained.
  • It is imperative that we keep our business moving by facing timely changes and constantly consolidating the technology we have accumulated since our foundation and enhancing our quality and by meeting with maximum effort and with the value of our products, the trust, demands, hopes, and expectations of our customers and thereby generate a profit.

2.Our responsibility towards our employees

  • It is imperative that the dignity and humans rights of all we have relations with, each and every one of our employees and their families be respected.
  • It is imperative that the individuality and sense of value that each and every of our employees have be respected and that there be a workplace environment in which everybody can have a true sense of diversity and inclusivity in their frank exchange of opinions.
  • It is imperative that the workplace environment in which our employees perform their work be clean and safe.
  • It is imperative that an appropriate treatment be accorded to, and an appropriate workplace environment be maintained for, our employees so that they can continue working in safety while enjoying both physical and mental health and a sense of fulfillment and happiness.
  • It is imperative that we make every effort to raise and appoint superior leaders.
  • It is imperative that efforts be made so as to make our company one in which all our employees abide by laws and regulations, cherish a sense of ethical conduct, and do correctly what is correct, and be filled with a sense of pride that comes from having their families and the company give them a feeling of security and reliance.

3.Our responsibility towards the earth, the world and towards national and regional society

  • It is imperative that we, in our desire to offer superior food and medical products to a great many people, create packages excelling in security and safety and being contributory to conserving the earth’s resources, diminishing environmental impact, and reducing food loss.
  • It is imperative that an evolution in recycling-based business activity be realized and that in an effort to contribute to global warming preventing measures, to CO2 emission reduction, and to mitigation of environmental impact, a commitment be made to recycle, re-use, and reduce natural petroleum-derived resources and energy required for business activity.
  • It is imperative that positive efforts be made jointly with local society by focusing attention on the protection of the environment and on the cleanliness and safety of business locations.
  • It is imperative that efforts be made towards achieving the maintaining of equipment and infrastructure in an appropriate manner and the sustainability of production and supply, to accept responsibility for the ongoing supply of products and that to this end there be a willingness to be prepared for crisis management with regard to instances such as natural disasters, cyber-terror, and information control.
  • It is imperative that, in an effort to contribute to reasonable relations with government and to the public weal, profitability and a sound financial corporate structure be maintained at a level enabling taxes due to be defrayed.
  • It is imperative that we, the Company, have an awareness of the significance of the existence of packages in society and, on account of the Company’s creating  and steadily supplying them, also have an awareness of our responsibility towards the earth and the world and to country and region and thus contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

4.Our responsibility towards our shareholders

  • It is imperative that, in the interest of our being able to discharge the aforesaid responsibilities 1, 2, and 3, we generate appropriate profits.
  • It is imperative that, in the interest of assuring continued innovation of packages, we, the Company, maintain corporate strength and vigor so that we can weather adversity by hearkening to the voice of its customers and by unyieldingly persevering in the development of products and technology and in the improvement of infrastructure through an oft-repeated cycle of trial and error as we facing the challenges of timely changes.
  • It is therefore imperative that a growth potential underpinned by the entire supply chain and the sustainability of business be maintained on the basis of a sound financial structure established by generating a sense of reliability through a two-way dialogue with our stakeholders and business partners, by assuring a reasonable level of profitability and by repletion of capital.
  • It is imperative that we, the Company, contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through a permanent cycle of returns to our shareholders as part of our fulfilling the responsibilities we have towards our customers and employees and to society at large.

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