Soft Cartridge™

This is a new packaging system replacing the conventional molded plastic and paper cartridges.

Endowed with both ecological and performance functions it is a discharge gun package contributing to waste and weight reduction.

Soft Cartridge™

The “Soft Cartridge™”, a discharge gun package contributory to waste and weight reduction

The Soft Cartridge™ is a new packaging system replacing the conventional molded plastic and paper cartridges. Its body consists of plastic film and its front edge and bottom of injection-molded plastic. When its content is ejected the film of its body will be folded like an accordion. After use however waste will be substantially reduced.  As commercially available calking guns can be used and roughly 40% reduction in weight is achieved as compared with the conventional generally used plastic cartridges. Designed on the two concepts of volume and weight reduction, the Soft Cartridge™, implements both ecological and performance functions.

These two features have been so highly acclaimed that in fiscal 2001 the Soft Cartridge™ was awarded the DuPont gold prize in the non-food product domain.


Reduction in waste and weight
After ejection an accordion like folding is possible and its volume after use will be reduced to about 1/8th of the volume before use. This substantial volume reduction after ejection contributes to a reduction of waste and also makes its transport and treatment easy.

The multi-layer laminate film affords the two advantages of light weight and ease of use and of toughness. It also has superior oxygen barrier and moisture-proof functions.

Ease of use
The dedicated holder enables the cartridge to be used on a commercially available caulking gun. The As it uses an exclusive-purpose holder, it is possible to use a commercially available calking gun directly. The dedicated holder may be used for any number of times.


Adhesives and sealing materials

Method of use

Use by the following procedure.

  1. Insert cartridge into the exclusive-purpose holder (provided with dowels).

2. Attach the dedicated nozzle. Inserting the nozzle will tear the moisture-proof film.Place special-purpose nozzle. When inserting nozzle, the moisture-proof film of the cartridge will be broken.2. Attach the dedicated nozzle. Inserting the nozzle will tear the moisture-proof film.

3. Position and fasten the gun. The procedure is the same as that applicable to conventional cartridges. the gun and use. Works in the same way as a conventional cartridge.

4. After use, remove cartridge from the holder and also detach the nozzle.
(Nozzle will be used for the next cartridge.)

Filling (sealing materials and adhesives)
Differences of quantity can be accommodated to some extent by modifying the filling nozzle when a semi-automatic drum-pump type filling unit is used. In case of fully automatic filling a special filling unit is suggested.

Award of 2001 DuPont Gold Prize

The DuPont Prize was conferred as a distinction for development of the advanced plastic-using package product and for application improvement and manufacturing technology development by DuPont, a major chemicals manufacturer in the U.S. The prize has a more than 30 year long history going back to 1986 and is known as most authoritative prize worldwide.(*Following the merger of DuPont with Dow the prize now continues as the “Dow Packaging Innovation Awards.”) The prize is presently being conferred to innovative products which exert an impact on the packing industry and which combine the features of originality, range of applications, and price and industrial productivity, and beauty. For its award international competitions are held for adjudication based on a special examination procedure. The Soft Cartridge™ was awarded the Gold Prize in 2001.

High Barrier Soft Tube “TS”

The new tube container “TS” is made by a new manufacturing method and is gentle to the environment.


Barrier function
The container is enveloped in an aluminum cover all over and thus has a high barrier and light-shading function that prevents it from deterioration of quality.

Squeezing ability
Compared with the conventional laminate and aluminum tubes the TS is capable of a roughly 30% reduction of thickness. As a result it is easier to squeeze out the content and to use up the content until the tube is empty.


When used in adhesive and sealant applications it is also possible to use as a calking gun*.

*Calking gun has two modes of usage, one is the attachment of a holder to the convention product and the other the use of a special gun.

Reduction of volume and weight
A contribution to CO2 emission can be made through the reduced amount of plastic made possible by the TS.


Including in particular sealing materials, adhesives, and toiletries


  • Use of filling units for existing tube containers is possible. (Since in some cases modification may be necessary be sure to consult us.)
  • The use of a special filling unit is also possible is also recommended.

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