CHEER SOFT™ is a group of products that has evolved from CHEER PACK® thus realizing a pouch that is gentle to the hand.


It is a type evolved from the environmentally gentle “CHEER PACK®”.

CHEER SOFT™ is a container constituting a more advanced development of the CHEER PACK®.

Through a bag-making technology characterized in that no seal edge is formed there is no seal edge impinging on the hand when gripped. Thus a pouch soft and gentle to the hand has been realized. Its soft material and shape gentle to the hand is a further enhancement of the “ease of squeezing” that is the hallmark property of the CHEER PACK®. The content can be squeezed out simply by squeezing the pouch. This pouch reduces the amount of residual content-material making it considerate both of people and of the environment. Moreover, CHEER SOFT™ is capable of reducing the amount of packaging material used by approximately 20% as compared with the conventional CHEER PACK® (*converted to a 180ml pouch). The container itself has, with its compact design, also contributed to reducing package size and to raising load-carrying efficiency, an advantage in distribution. Its portability also confers ease of carrying.


The product offers ease with which the stopper can be pulled out and easier portability and handling. As the pouch has no seal edges in its sides the result is a container easy to grip and gentle to the hand.

As the pouch is provided with a cap, it can be re-closed when necessary as may be the case in sports and on excursions. This feature also comes in handy when the food cannot be totally consumed in single occasion.

Ease of squeezing
As there are no seal edges on the sides of the pouch, it is possible to squeeze out the content-material easily by just gripping and squashing it by hand without effort. The pouch proves to be superior also in application in which sticky foods or liquid foods are squeezed out. With the amount of residual content-material being smaller, the pouch also contributes to the environment.

Design appeal
As side-gusset pouch specifications are used, the side parts of the pouch can be utilized for design purposes and the area available for display can be made larger. The number of indication items has been increasing because of the needs for requirements of indications and production explanations. There is a growing need for a larger indication area available for design.

Self-standing feature
The superior self-standing feature has enabled the pouch to stand neatly at the point of sale and preserves its beauty of appearance.

Towards reduced volume and reduced quantity
As a comparison after use with other products, to cans, bottles, PET bottles, and other types of containers, Compared with metal cans, glass bottles, and polyethylene bottles the volume of a used pouch is relatively small and as a result a vast contribution is made to reducing the volume of wastes. Moreover, the CHEER SOFT™ pouch is capable of reducing packaging material use by approximately 20% as compared with the conventional CHEER PACK®, given the same volume, and is capable also of achieving an approximately 3.9g reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide emission (in case of 180g size pouch).

Dimensional standards
180 mL75 mm44 mm130 mm
200 mL75 mm44 mm135 mm
250 mL75 mm44 mm155 mm
300 mL75 mm44 mm170 mm

Width and folded part are fixed. The Company will, however, design pouches appropriately within the standard range from 150 to 350ml in accordance with the pouch’s volumetric capacity.


The following straw/spout attached products can be supplied.
8.55mm diameter straw type and spout type (capable of being subjected to heat sterilization treatment)

Film composition

The film used in CHEER SOFT™ is a laminated of plastic film and aluminum foil. The Company will design it appropriately with a composition and thickness according to content-material and volumetric capacity of pouch.

The “Food Packaging Award” winner in the [GOOD PACKAGING 2016 Japan Packaging Contest]

The “Japan Packaging Contest” is the most authoritative contest in the packaging field in Japan, held annually by the Public Japan Packaging Institute. CHEER SOFT™ won the “Food Packaging Award” at the Japan Packaging Contest in 2016. This award is bestowed for packages rated superior from all points of view including the criteria of first and foremost material, physical design, and technology as well as appearance and logistics and furthermore sales promotion, ideas, and response to the environment, and appropriateness of the package.


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