Packaging materials for pharmaceuticals

Our pharmaceutical packaging materials meet the exacting requirements to our products which they have to fulfill through the use of the know-how we have accumulated over long years.

We are able to offer pharmaceutical packaging materials optimally suited to the diversity of shape of pharmaceuticals ranging from tablets through granular to pulverous pharmaceutical products.

Packaging materials for pharmaceuticals

Apart from the use of these packaging materials for over-the-counter drugs such as flue and stomach medicines, and nutrient drinks and drugs and household medicines they are also packaging materials used for prescription drugs. We are able to offer products designed to meet the requirements concerning the functions and quality adapted to the diverse contents such as tablets and granular and pulverous pharmaceutical products.In addition to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and at-home medicine, including cold medicine, digestive medicine, and energy drinks, our packaging is also used for prescription drugs.
We provide packaging that is designed with high quality standards to accommodate a variety of contents, from pills to granules and fine powders.


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