This package offers superior volumetric efficiency and convenience of use.

Adding a zip to the side-gusset pouch provides more volume and greater ease of use, and reduces volume after use. It is also gentle to the environment.

GA Zip™

The GA Zip™ is a package sporting functionality and environmental thoughtfulness that comes from a zip added to the side-gusset pouch.

A package provided with both volumetric efficiency and ease of use

Adding a zip to the side-gusset pouch results in a package affording favorable volumetric efficiency and re-sealing ability. Being a plastic pouch it is more lightweight than rigid metal cans and glass bottles and after use it becomes flat. This product, gentle to the environment, is conducive to reducing volume of waste. The square shape of the pouch makes its surface look flat and thus results in a superior design and display appeal. It is effective in enhancing product appeal at the point of sale. Though endowed with stand-alone ability it has the attractive advantage of achieving a larger volume with a smaller package surface, as compared with the standing pouch. Its re-sealing ability afforded by the zip enhances convenience at the time of use.


Volumetric efficiency
Thanks to the side-gusset pouch shape it is possible to achieve a more efficient volume with a smaller package surface.
Its surface area is roughly 2/3 that of a standing pouch with the same volume.

Re-sealing ability
Its re-sealing ability afforded by the zip enhances convenience at time of use. The wide aperture has the advantage of getting the content out of the pouch more easily and of enabling only the amount required to be used and also of assuring favorable storability.

Design appeal
Its self-standing capability lets the pouch keep its beauty when displayed at the point of sale. And also the flat shape of the pouch surface enables a product appeal which is achievable with the design of its own. It also has a superior display appeal.

Less volume – less weight
Being a plastic pouch entails that it will become flat after use and that is conducive to reducing its volume. Compared with glass bottles and metal cans, it is superior in terms of its weight and ease of disposal.

It is possible to select either top-filling or bottom-filling and which of the two modes you desire to use should be aligned with your pouch filling unit.
When using a GA Zip™ made to top-filling specifications a three-way zip pouch filling unit can be used since the aperture part is made of base material only.


Cocoa, leaf tea, granular substances, and pulverous products of all kinds


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