SIP™ is a new package which combines the beautiful luster of its film and the display effect its box has.

The sleeve-in Pouch with the outstanding freshness of its coloring and design appeal is highly effective in displaying a product PR function.


The new package “SIP” combines the beautiful luster of its film and the display effect its box has.

The combination of the SIP’s plastic film and sleeve fuses together the beautiful luster of its film and the design effect of its box. An expression abounding in vividness can be achieved by applying gravure printing to the SIP’s film. The flat body afforded by the sleeve can accentuate the face design of the pouch more effectively. Moreover, the cubic and rectangular shape brought about by the sleeve is effective in making content holding capacity of the SIP pouch superior to that achieved with the conventional pouch shape and also in reducing package volume and materials and transport costs. Also during use the SIP retains the shape of its box and the larger size of its aperture (mouth part) makes it easy to take out its content. In addition a zip is provided at the aperture and can be re-closed during use. High barrier functionality can also be achieved using a barrier film.


Re-closing function
The SIP has a re-closing function conferred by a zip and can be re-closed any time during use.

Self-standing function
The SIP pouch has a superior self-standing function thanks to its box shape. Pouches are designed to allow stacking one upon the other, can also be displayed in a stacked array which will accentuate their design appeal at the point of sale.

Design appeal
An expression abounding in lustrous vividness can be achieved by applying gravure printing to the SIP’s film.
The face can be designed so that it looks flat, and the pouch is excellent in its design and aesthetic look.


  • The pouch can be imparted an easy rectilinear opening and sealing capability through a special processing procedure. It can be easily opened by hand and retain its neat appearance after opening.
  • As the pouch retains its box shape during use and because of the large size of the aperture allows the content to be taken out easily.

Content is protected by the protective function of the plastic film and by the toughness of the sleeve.

Reduction of volume and weight
The box shape is superior in effective content holding ability compared with the general pouch shape and the box shape is effective in reducing packaging volume and material weight and in reducing transport costs as a result. The pouch can be folded into a low profile which also contributes to a reduced volume.


*The SIP pouch can be used as an alternative container to the metal can, glass bottle, hard container, composite can, and box made of paper(with an internal pouch).

  • Bag products of green tea, black tea, and coffeeor tea, black tea, coffee, etc.
  • Confectionery products such as chocolate and biscuits, cereal, dry fruits, health foods, and deep-frozen foods
  • Coffee, cocoa, powdered tea and the like
  • Integration containers for stick packs or individual packages
  • Pet food products
Film composition

Basic material composition

Standard of dimensions
  • Pouches supplied (product size after filling)
80 mm60 mm75 mm
80 mm60 mm95 mm
80 mm60 mm130 mm
95 mm60 mm123 mm
140 mm60 mm123 mm
140 mm60 mm143 mm
  • Roll feed
    Roll for pouch feed by on in-line packing – filling system is available.
    A product depth of 60mm or above is recommended.
    For further information on container size do not hesitate to consult us.
  • Pouch feed
  • Automatic assembly and packaging machine for feeding pouches and semi-automatic assembly and packaging machine
  • Roll feed
    Automatic in-line pouch assembly and packaging system
    (Photo:SIP™ type pouch assembly machine: Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works, Ltd.


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