FC Cut™

FC Cut™ is easy to cut by hand without using scissors.

FC Cut™ realizes a package easy to use.

FC Cut™

Can be cut by hand easily

FC Cut™ & Fancy Cut™ appeal is that you can tear the product by hand.
FC Cut™ and Fancy Cut™ are attractive for their superb crisp feel when cut by hand. Special processing has realized ease of cutting by hand of plastic laminate film. There are multiple methods of opening the package, among which making a notch is a ordinary method. While the FC Cut™ may have a shape that does not allow notching and consequently an ease of opening is achieved without requiring scissors. Thus, for example, in the case of the ordinary stick package it is not possible to cut the stick horizontally by hand, the FC Cut™, simply by applying it to the folding part (end area), the package can be opened easily just by pinching and pulling that part. Since the stick package allows a large aperture pulverous and granular contents can be discharged without effort and solid contents are easy to discharge with less effort.

  • Packaging materials can be used without changing its material properties.
  • It will not degrade its appearance.
  • It can be opened by pulling any part of the package’s edge part from any direction by hand on which package including the Pillow and Stick packages FC Cut™ is provided.
  • Partial processing is also possible to cut only the limited part of a package end.
  • Barrier function is maintained without any deterioration.
  • Packages can be supplied in roll and bag form.
  • Concomitant use of notch-provided packages, both those with a rectangular seal and those with a zip, is possible.
  • Ease of opening and ease of use can be further enhanced by combining it with a film provided with the horizontal cut function.

Spot FC (Child Resistance)

Safety packaging for Children!

Since the edge part of Stick does not have an easy tear function, it cannot be opened even if the infant bites or touches it. Spot FC can add the easy tear function in any size at the selected part.

How FC Cut™ is created

A rough surface for opening is formed in a specified position of the surface layer of the plastic film. The FC Cut™ will be ready for use by devising the rough part for opening in such a manner as to position it in the folding edge  part of the package. A package whose material is a plastic laminate film used to have such a high rupture strength that scissors or a cutter were needed to open. In contrast, packages capable of being easily cut had the problem that their rupture strength generally tended to be a low one. The FC Cut™, however, can be cut simply by hand albeit it is a high rupture strength package the material of which consists of a plastic laminate film.

  • Applications for Stick pouch, Pillow pouch, and Pillow Gusset Pouch are instant coffee, powder milk, soup powder, sweets and candies, snacks and confectionery, granulated food products, granulated/pulverized pharmaceuticals, and bathing products.
  • Their concomitant use with 3-side or 4-side seal and zip pouches may include adding an opening function.


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