The CHEERTAINER® is a 3-D shape Bag used as inner bag in Box (BIB), of the result of original development, excelling in its gentleness to the earth, the transport efficiency it affords, and the low weight and volume at the time of disposal, and also its considerateness of the environment.


The “CHEERTAINER” is a registered trademark of Hosokawa Yoko Co., Ltd. in the United States, China and Japan as the inner bag for BIB.

The CHEERTAINER®GZ developed by Hosokawa Yoko is a 3-D shape Bag in Box (BIB) inner bag suitable for storage and transport of commercial liquid products.  The BIB inner bag the gusset shape of which matches the shape of the cardboard has an superior ease of filling of the content and its ejection function which is also superior, compared with the conventional flat-type BIB bag and leaves extremely little residue. It is a film-type bag and the bag will therefore be flat when empty and thus makes a considerable contribution to the efficiency of transport and to volume and weight reduction when disposed of as waste after use.



The use of a 3-D shape of the CHEERTAINER®GZ with its gusset shaped inner bag has substantially reduced the dead space between the outer (cardboard) box and the inner bag. It is designed so that the bag inside the cardboard box has satisfactory stability and has a strong resistance to impact from outside, such as vibration. The spout position also remains usually fixed so that it will remain stable also when it is pulled out at time of use. 

The pouch also has a superior stand-alone ability and remains stable also after it has been pulled out from the cardboard box and at time of filling it with the content. The dead space above pallets on international standards has been eliminated and it is thus possible to align bags efficiently. Stability and strength are preserved also when they are stacked.

Suitability at time of filling
The pouch is the film type and, accordingly, extremely little residual air will remain inside after filling. This contributes to a reduction of foam formation at time of filling because filling takes place in a de-aired condition.

Ease of ejection
The pouch has a superior ejecting function thanks to the 4-corner sealed gusset shape and residual liquid is thus extremely little. It also has superior ease of use and complete ejection of content.

Both shoulders of the gusset shaped pouch can be handled, which makes the pouch easy to carry. This is convenient also for handling at the time of filling the pouch with hot content.

Reduction of weight and volume
As the pouch can be folded flat when empty its transport becomes efficient. This is effective in reducing distribution costs and is vastly contributory also to reduction of weight and volume when disposed of as waste after use. No recovery is required as is the case with the conventional glass bottles and metal cans and this also contributes to labor-saving and to a reduction of expenses.

  • There are two types: the separate one and the continuous bag one. The continuous bag type eliminates burden of troublesome feeding of pouches to the filling machine.
  • Sale as standard pouch is also possible.
  • Cardboard boxes designed to match the bag are available. Special cardboard boxes can also be supplied.
  • Flat-type bags are also available.

  • 5 liter:300 bags/ 1 case
  • 10 liter :200 bags/ 1 case
  • 20 liter:150 bags/ 1 case
  • General type
  • Barrier type

Spout type
The following caps/cocks are available according to application.

Screw cap

Screw cock (small)

Screw cock (large)

Tap-stopper cap 

Tap-stopper cock 


Liquid condiments, sake, soya sauce, sauces, mineral water, alcoholic beverages and the like shampoo, hair conditioner, detergents, liquid disinfectants and other items
Depending on the composition of the content to be used, check whether the bag supports it or not.

Filler–Packing line

Proposals for filler–packaging lines can be offered.
Image view of filling system

Illustration of filling system

Filler specifications (Example)

1 Head automatic filling unit by quantity for BIB continuous bag (Performance chart)

Bag type 5L、10L、18L、20L continuous bag(with perforation)
Bag feed Automatic
Bag feed Tap stopper Cap > Filling > capping
Filled volume 5L, 10L, 18L, 20L
Weighing method Method of filling by quantity (weight)
Filling accuracy ±1/1000(2σ)
Minimum unit 1g or 10g
Performance Cap Tap stopper Screw
10L bag 5 Bag/min 4 Bag/min
20L bag 4 Bag/min 3 Bag/min
Dimensions of filling machine 1,100W×2,200L×2,240H
Dimensions of cap feeder 765W×917L×1,650H
Material Part in contact with liquid Sanitary SUS304 or SUS316L
Frame SUS304
Utilities Electric power AC200V 50/60Hz
Air 150NL/min

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