Molded Products / Packaging – Filling System

Backed by the know-how that has taken long years to perfect we are able to offer high-quality products.

Our offer is a total that comprises molded plastic products and a whole packaging – filling system.

Molded Products

Molded products, too, are designed and sold by the Company itself.

We are active in the manufacture and sale not only of film-laminate products but also of molded plastic products, including injection-molded and sheet-molded products.

Injection molding
Our injection-molded products such as the spouts and caps attached to our original CHEER PACK® products are also designed and manufactured by the Company itself. Injection-molded products are being used not only for CHEER PACK® but also for other original products such as CHEERTAINER® and Soft Cartridge. The know-how we have accumulated over a great many years in the molded product area comes fully into its own in our products.

Sheet molding
We are active in the manufacture and sale also of sheet molded products. We can propose and supply materials and shapes well-matching applications such as trays used for products such as cakes/cookies and deep-frozen food products and also trays used for protecting and holding in place of items such as glass bottles placed in paper boxes. The product range we can offer also includes plastic sheets for molding.

Our offer is a total which comprises the entire packaging and filling machine system.

Packaging and filling system
Our offer comprises the total process from the planning to the selling of packaging-filling systems and of packaging machines. Our offer is not limited to the filling and packaging machines compatible with the Company’s original packaging materials such as CHEER PACK® and CHEERTAINER®GZ; but comprises the total range from general filling and packaging lines and pouch-fed filling machines to sterilizing and packaging lines. Moreover, critical for enhancing efficiency through the speeding up of manufacture and the stabilizing of quality is a balance that brings the manufacturing machines in mesh with the film being used. And, mindful of this balance we are pleased to be able to offer manufacturing equipment in which our technology and know-how permitting the application of plastic film is being used to great advantage.

Overview of CHEER PACK® filling and sterilizing system

Image view of CHEERTAINER® filling system


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