Information security policy

Our policy related to information security measures and our action guideline related thereto

Basic policy

The Company defines as “confidential information” notably such information as has been entrusted to the Company by its customers and constitutes information which in principle shall not be made public such as sales information and personal information. It handles information in an appropriate manner from the viewpoint of confidentiality, completeness, and availability for use and for the purpose of safeguarding confidential information from any danger the Company establishes information security policies for the implementation of the necessary information security measures.

For the handling of confidential information the Company makes efforts with regard to the items below for compliance with laws, guidelines, and other norms related to information security, and to protect confidential information and to assure the safe and appropriate handling of confidential information.

  1. The Company will prevent confidential information from being divulged and from being diminished or lost and for the purpose of the appropriated management of confidential information it will, in the first instance, institute information security measures and devise measures for appropriate and safe management of confidential information.
  2. The Company will establish rules within the company for the protection of confidential information and for the safe and appropriate handling thereof and will establish and maintain a system for this purpose and make effort to improve it.
  3. The Company will periodically make verifications to ascertain that all persons engaging in work at the company, including directors and employees, are fully aware of the importance of information security so as to assure that confidential information is handled correctly.
  4. The Company will establish an Information Security Committee and will implement corrective measures and provide periodic instruction, with the committee members playing a key role, so as to assure that directors and employees, and all other persons concerned be fully aware of the importance of information security and of the way in which confidential information ought to be handled correctly.
  5. In the event that problems related to information security have arisen, the Company will undertake speedy and sure measures and institute appropriate measures for the prevention of their recurrence.
  6. The Company will adhere to laws and ordinances related information resources and to the handling thereof and will adhere also to the norms of other companies and to agreements concluded by the Company with its customers.

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