Soft Bottle™

The Soft Bottle™ is a new packaging system replacing the conventional glass and rigid-plastic bottles.

A balance between fashionable appeal and considerateness of the environment is achieved through the Soft Bottle™’s being made of a combination of a plastic multi-layer film and injection-molding.

Soft Bottle™

The Soft Bottle™ is a new packaging system replacing the conventional  glass and rigid-plastic bottles.

It is a hitherto unheard of, unique container consisting of a combination of a plastic laminate film and injection-molding, sporting both a fashionable appeal and considerateness of the environment. Its body part, shaped for ease of handling, uses a laminate film so that the used bottle can be squashed for disposal in a compact form. Injection-molded parts are placed at the top and bottom of the container and a high-barrier laminate film and aluminum film are used for the body and bottom. As a result it is possible to impart to the Soft Bottle™ a barrier performance not inferior to glass bottles, metals cans, and rigid plastic bottles. 

The push pump type ejector part can be squashed whenever content is to be squeezed out and as a result a contribution to a major reduction of package volume after use can be achieved. It also confers the advantage that deterioration of bottle content from oxidation is prevented by eliminating return of air. The bottle has also be imparted a re-closing function by using a screw-type cap at the ejector part instead of the above pump.


Ease of handling
TSuperior lightweight and ease of use properties are achieved by a multi-layer plastic film.

Re-closing function
The Soft Bottle™ provided with a cap has a re-closing function. It is thus possible to use only the required amount of content at a time.

Prevention of bottle content from deterioration due to oxidation is an effect achieved as a result of there being no return of air at the push-pump type ejector part.
The barrier function can also be enhanced by using a high-barrier film and an aluminum film on the torso and bottom parts. Storability is enhanced by imparting moisture-proof and gas-impermeable functions equal to those of the conventional glass bottles, metal cans, and rigid plastic bottles.

Reduction of volume and weight
The Soft Bottle™ has a laminate film wrapped around its body and it is thus possible to squash the bottle to a high degree of compactness. This makes it a container meeting environmental concerns by reducing both volume and weight when disposed of after use.


Method of use

It can be used as a rigid bottle by placing it in a special holder. After use, the shrunken cartridge can be tWhen placed in a special holder it can be used as a rigid bottle.
When the cartridge has become small after use it can be thrown away and the special holder and the push pump part can used repeatedly.


Including in particular cosmetic water and milky lotion


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