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Announcement of completion of the 4th building of Gunma Fujioka Plant.


Letting you know that the 4th phase of the building construction of the Gunma Fujioka Plant has been completed.

Today after a long period of construction we are celebrating the completion of the 4th phase in the building the Gunma Fujioka Plant.

The 4th phase building which has now reached completion is a two-floor building. Its first floor has a state-of-the-art tandem dry laminating machines capable of being controlled as a single unit and is capable of achieving efficient operation and a high productivity.

The second floor has had a bag-forming machine, such as a BIB(CHEERTAINER®GZ), transferred to it and affords a cleaner working environment and has a highly serviceable lean line. 

As a result the plant is equipped with three printing machines, three dry laminating machines including the one which has now been introduced, one extrusion laminating machine, six slitting machines, and 15 bag-forming machines. 

Let it also be known that the Gunma Fujioka Plant has this year celebrated its 30th anniversary.

We will strive also looking forwards to meet the exacting needs of our customers.


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