Original Packages Developed by Customer Needs

We listen to and address the needs of our customers
by applying a bit of creative twist to each of our packages.
Hosokawa Yoko offers packages that boost the value of your products.

Cheer Pack®

Flexible packaging material with
spout and screw-cap.
Cheer Pack® is suitable for liquids
such as beverages and food products
that are in paste form, as well as detergents.

Cheer Pack® Cheer Pack®

Cheer Pack®, made of a flexible package material with attached spout and a screw-cap, is suitable for liquids. Its ability to be tightly sealed makes it ideal for beverages like isotonic drinks that can be easily carried around. Its features are light-weight and sealing performance, and can be designed to hold liquid volumes from 70 ml to 1500 ml. Best of all, each Cheer Pack® can be heat sterilized or frozen.


A new kind of package combining
the features of Flexible-Packaging
and a box.

SIP®(Sleeve In Pouch™) SIP®(Sleeve In Pouch™)
SIP®(Sleeve In Pouch™) SIP®(Sleeve In Pouch™)

SIP™ can stand on its own and can be stacked one on top of another, making this package truly effective for display. Its opening is big enough to access the content and store tightly with its built-in zipper. Excellent for replacing cans, bottles, and paper boxes with inner bags that contain dried and semi-dried goods like chocolate, biscuits, powdered creamer, instant coffee, cereal, dried fruit and pet food.

Fancy Cut™

No scissors required –
use your fingers to open.
Fancy Cut™ can be applied to bags
in various forms and shapes.

Fancy Cut™ Fancy Cut™
Fancy Cut™ Fancy Cut™

Fancy Cut™ is a seal opening technology that applies a special process that enables the easy opening of bags with bare hands, without using scissors. This technology can be applied for bags of different shapes such as pillow bags and gusset bags–even in packages for easily breakable content or stick-type bags for powdered content. Fancy Cut™ can be processed for combining with zippers, or treated so that the bag can be opened in a ring from the center back seal.

Life Science Products

Life Science Products
contribute to the medical
and healthcare fields
through high-quality containers
for medical applications.

Life Science Products Life Science Products

Containers for pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical applications that require a high level of security and hygiene. POLYELITE™ Series, comprised mainly of polyolefin resin that is easy on the environment, the lineup includes primary containers for infusion/injection, Full-flat Bag™ (Ferrule bag for bulk powder), and process bags.

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