Soft CartridgePAT.

Soft Cartridge replaces conventional paper and plastic cartridge products.After the content (adhesive or caulking) is dispensed, the inner cartridge collapses to onlyone-eighth of the original size.This contributes significantly to waste reduction. Soft Cartridge is also lightweight,weighing up to 40% less than a standard plastic cartridge.A conventional caulking gun is used for dispesing.Soft Cartridge won a Gold Award in the non-food category of the 2001 DuPont Awards.

After use,it shrinks by one eighth and can be disposal easily.

The Soft Cartridge, based on two concepts, is the answer to eco-friendly and functionality.

Particular Features

Waste reduction
  • Hosokawa Yoko developed ”Soft Cartridge”(SC) for caulking and adhesive materials so that we reduce industrial waste at construction sites.
  • SC can be collapsed with a caulking gun, after use, it can be very small, approximately 10%, compared to a rigid plastic cartridge.
  • In 2001, SC won the Gold Award (Non-Food Category) of the US package competition “DuPont Award” for its eco-friendliness and innovation.
Functional Performance

Soft Cartridge is highly moisture resistant and can be used with existing caulking guns. We have designed our products with functionality and ease to use for workers.

How to use ”Soft Cartridge

Put the SC into the plastic sleeve.
Attach the nozzle by sticking it into the film area on the top of the SC.
Set the SC in the plastic sleeve to the caulking gun.
Take out the collapsed SC from the caulking gun and detach the nozzle.
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