RE PouchPAT.

Packaging for refill applications. RE Pouch has a spout on top and it makes easy to fill into bottle,
jar and container by hand. After empty, the packaging can be shrunk and loose its volume to dispose.
Environmental friendly packaging.

It is easy to refill the container.

After using, it can be disposed completely.

The RE Pouch is the refill container for liquid. Outstanding ease of filling.

RE Pouch has a spout to refill. Easy to refill and stand-up-able with the content by itself.

Particular Features

  • Space saving packaging and easy to refill with one hand.
  • RE Pouch is a stand-up-able packaging and has an advantage in presentation.
  • As no molded parts are used, RE Pouch is economical and easy to dispose of.


  • As a refillable pouch it is ideal for various kinds of toiletries, including liquid detergents, shampoos, rinses, and softeners
  • As a food container it is ideal for mayonnaise, salad oil, ketchup, miso, soysauce, etc.

Standard Dimensions

Contents Width (㎜) Gusset (㎜) Length (㎜)
250ml 75 36 220
300ml 230
500ml 363
Packaging Examples

Since RE Pouch is not a molded package, it is possible to pack with the top of the pouch folded over, contributing to reduced distribution costs.Compared with stand-up pouches of the past, RE Pouch provides a much more compact and neat package.

Refilling Example
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