This reclosable pouch offers superior stand-up stability thanks to its gusset shape.
GA Zip has an advantage of displaying at a show case or store rack.
The wide-open zipper makes filling and scooping easier from the GA Zip packaging.

A unique package offering a gusset that is achieved by providing a zipper.

Particular Features

  • The pouch can be filled from the top or bottom applying a filler with a bag feeder.
  • Compared with a stand-up pouch, GA Zip offers a far superior compactness while diminishing the surface area needed by two thirds.
  • Compared with bottles and cans, GA Zip can be disposed of much more efficiently and easily.
Zipped Pouch combined standing and recloseable.

FB Zip

In addition to the special characteristics of FB Pouch, FB Zip has a reclosable Zipper on top. Partial printing on a transparency film is available at both FB Pouch and FB Zip. It makes easy for customers to see the actual products.

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