FB PouchPAT.

FB Pouch has a square bottom which makes the product stand up by itself.
This unique FB Pouch has an advantage of presentation as it has a square shape on front and back of the packaging.

The four-sided FB (flat bottom) pouch is attractive for its superior stand-alone stability and increased fill volume.

Particular Features

  • The bottom of the pouch opens flat providing outstanding stand-alone stability.
  • FB Pouch has a greater capacity than the bottom gusset standing pouch.
  • Printing on four sides (front, back and 2 sides) is available.
  • Because of its standing stability and four-face shape, the FB Pouch shows a greater presence on the limited store shelf space.
  • Automatic filling can be achieved by using a bag feeder and filler.
  • Unprinted standard pouches are available.
Zipped Pouch combined standing and recloseable.

FB Zip

In addition to the special characteristics of FB Pouch, FB Zip has a reclosable Zipper on top. Partial printing on a transparency film is available at both FB Pouch and FB Zip. It makes easy for customers to see the actual products.

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