Cheertainer®PAT. GZ

Ceertainer® GZ is Hosokawa Yoko's original patented Bag-In-Box. This cubic shape Bag-In-Box maximizes its capacity, on the other hand it can be folded down before/after using for space-saving.

Four types of spouts are available depending on the customer's usage.

An environmentally friendly package with upgraded performance features.

Hosokawa Yoko has developed the Cheertainer® GZ as a volumetric bag-in-box package. Compare to flat type of Bag-In-Box packages, Cheertainer is easiler in handling and minimizes the amount of residual liquid of the container. Pre-made bag is also available.

Particular Features

  • Due to the corner seals of our gusset B.I.B., the amount of residual liquid can be minimized.
  • As the container can be handled by its two shoulders, it is extremely easy to carry the package. (Convenient for hot filling).
  • Due to its cubic shape of the packaging, the position of the spout is always the same.
  • Cheertianer can be folded for space-saving.
  • Conventional flat type is also available.


  • 5 liters 300 each/case
  • 10 liters 200 each/case
  • 20 liters 150 each/case


  • CT-GZ N General type
  • CT-GZ B Barrier type
  • CT-GZ M For dairy products

Automatic mass-measuring filling machine for Ceertainer® GZ
(for the bags connected with the perforation / one filling nozzle type)

Bag type 5L, 10L, 18L, 20L(Continuous bag with perforation)
Bag filling method Automatic
Bag filling method plugging Decapping ⇒ Filling ⇒ Capping
Filling volume 5L, 10L, 18L, 20L
Measurement method TOHSEI mass filling method (patented)
Filling accuracy ±1/1000(2σ)
Minimum unit 1g or 10g
Filling ability Cap push screw
10L Bag 5Bag/min 4Bag/min
20L Bag 4Bag/min 3Bag/min
Machine size 1,100W×2,200L×2,240H
Cap feeder dimensions 765W×917L×1,650H
Material Content liquid contacting part sanitary SUS304orSUS316L
Frame SUS304
Utility Electricity AC200V 50/60Hz
Air 150NL/min
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