Cheer SoftPAT.

Cheer Soft is an evolutional package of the Cheer Pack® known as an environment-friendly container,
and is fit for drinks and jellies being easy to grasp and squeeze.
Material saving of almost 20% is achieved compared to the conventional Cheer Pack®


It wins Beverage Packaging Award in the Japan Packaging Contest 2016

Cheer Soft is the next generation package having a number of advantages.

Particular Features


Weight of the pouch is from 6 to 13g to be easy to carry and handle. No side edge improves ease-to-grasp.


Cap enable to close the container after drinking repeatedly during exercise or leisure. It could be excellent storage container for foods and others.


In contrast to aluminum cans and bottles or PET bottles, its volume after use is from 3 to 10% of one before and it contributes to reducing waste. Compared to the conventional Cheer Pack®, material saving of almost 20% and reducing carbon foot-print of about 3.9g are achieved (in the case of the size of 180g in content).


For concentrated liquid foods and nutrition, it shows good squeezing properties because of no sealed side edge.

Graphic design

Open side surface makes graphic design of the container more flexible than a conventional pouch.
It wins Beverage Packaging Award in the Japan Packaging Contest 2016


Following types of straw or spout are available.

  • For beverage : straw or spout of 8.55mm in diameter, which can be treated by thermal sterilization.
  • For general purpose : spout of 8.55mm in diameter.

Standard Dimension

  • The dimensions of width and foldout are fixed. Other dimensions will be adjusted to fit content volume from 150ml to 350ml.
Volume [mL] Width [mm] Foldout [mm] Length [mm]
180 75 44 130
200 75 44 135
250 75 44 155
300 75 44 170

Film Composition

Cheer Soft is made by laminated film of plastic film, aluminum foil and so on. The basic structure of the laminated film is the following. The structure and the thickness of components will be coordinated according to a content, volume and so on.

Film Composition
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