Cheer Pack®PAT.

Hosokawa Yoko's original packaging for beverages, juices, sports drinks, jellies, honeys, applesauces, purees and soups. Especially, Cheer Pack has a long history as a packaging for liquids and jellies in Japanese market.
Cheer Pack® can be customized for retort and frozen application.

Cheer Pack® is an ideal package with a lot of features.

Particular Features


The weight of the packaging is 6 to 25 grams.Cheer Pack® is a light-weight packaging has an open cap. Easy to carry, handle, open the cap and squeeze to drink.


Cheer Pack® comes with a cap for easy reclosability.With this feature, it is not necessary for customers to consume the content at a time.


Cheer Pack® can be customized for retort application.Hosokawa Yoko has a know-how for the retort applications and requirements on the package such as air volume, recloseability of the cap and retort resistance.


The Cheer Pack® fill targets range from 70ml up to 1500 ml, depending on the application.


In comparison with cans, glass or plastic bottles, Cheer Pack® has a volume of only 3-10%.


Cheer Pack® has outstanding squeezing properties that permit viscous foods to be dispensed smoothly without waste inside the package.


Cheer Pack® has several spouts used for various types of contents.
- For beverage
- For food
- Large size spout
- For commercial use
- Pump-up type spout
- For retort foods

Barrier Spout

Barrier spouts use a barrier material inside the spout to prevent oxygen and water vapor from entering the pouch.

It is possible to prevent deterioration and changing color of the contents in the spout.

It is available for hot filling and retort filling.

It complies with international standards such as FDA and EU.

Adoption examples
Baby foods, retort products, tuna paste, hydrogenated water, etc.

Barrier Spout


Refreshment soft drinks: sports drinks, juices, coffee,oolong tee, jelly drink, mineral water, etc.

Liquid and pasty foods: Soy sauce, noodle sauce, fruit sauce, honey, edible oils, sake, vinegared miso, mustard, pizza sauce, yogurt, baby food, etc.

Medical and dietary products: Disposable and storable without problem. Joint with the connector can be made at a single touch, etc.

Detergents and cosmetics: Refill container, one-way (disposable) container, detergent, neutral detergent, shampoo, rinses, etc.

Chemicals and commercial-industrial applications: Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, adhesives, etc.

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