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We have been expanding our product lines and improving technologies
In addition to three plants in Japan, we have a JV plant in the United States,
the largest packaging market in the world, and two plants in China.

Saitama Miyoshi Plant (Japan)

Miyoshi Plant, Saitama, Japan

Gunma Fujioka Plant (Japan)

Fujioka Plant, Gunma, Japan

Medix Showa Co., Ltd. (Nagano, Japan)

Medix Showa, Nagano, Japan

Guangzhou Secure Packaging Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou, China)

Guangzhou Plant, China

Secure HY (Nanjing) Packaging Co., Ltd. (Nanjing, China)

Nanjing Plant, China

US Rep. Office (IL, USA)

Hosokawa Yoko America Inc. (IL, USA)

HY USA Office

JV: Cheer Pack North America LLC (MA, USA)

JV: Cheer Pack North America LLC (MA, USA)

Cheer Pack® is the registered trade mark of Hosokawa Yoko Co., Ltd.

JV: Ohio Pack LLC (OH, USA)

JJV: Ohio  Pack  LLC (OH, USA)